Pijamas Basket




Who has never had a Basket? pyjama?
The pyjama brand par excellence.
With more than 40 designs every season, everyone is able to find a design to their taste, being a comfortable and quality garment for resting after such a hard days work.


Why only dress well to go out?
Feel pretty and attractive in your own home.
The BKB, range of pyjamas, inspired on an up to date and modern women, combines comfort in a garment to relax at home with a design that will always make you feel attractive.
Additionally, we have a new line of T-shirts available which will become a basic quality garment absolutely necessary for your wardrobe.


At Almunia Textil we believe that if after so many years both fathers and mothers have had confidence in our quality and design for relaxation at home,
why not put this knowledge and quality into practice for the junior members of the family?

With this in mind we have designed and manufactured the new Bebesvelt kidswear range of junior pyjamas and babygros.
With a presentation and design intended for the youngest members of the public, these garments have been completely manufactured in the very best quality velour, paying very special attention to the soft touch of the fabric.

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